Using the News Media Outlets

Research has shown that an article in a newspaper has a great deal more credibility than an advertisement. So why not use the  news media to promote your product or service?

An effective media relations program does not have to be expensive. It does have to be targeted. You can’t expect The New York Times, for example, to care about a local church group fundraiser. However, you can expect the small hometown weekly paper to care and perhaps even include a photo with a news story.

Targeting an individual reporter or editor is just as important as selecting the correct newspaper, Internet site or broadcast station. It may seem obvious, but it is remarkable how often, say, an education reporter gets called with a “news tip” about something totally unrelated to education.

  • When you know who you want to reach
  • you have selected the best news media outlet to reach your audience,
  • and you have identified the proper reporter or editor,
  • the next step is to prepare your “pitch.”

Keep it brief.

Can you fit your key point on about the same amount of space as an automobile bumper sticker?

Reporters and editors hear dozens of story ideas daily. They don’t have time to hear or read long-winded explanations of why they should care about your story idea.

  • You must have something to pique the interest of the reporter with just a sentence or two – in writing or verbally.
  • If there is some interest, follow up with a one page fact sheet – not with tiny type squeezed together, filling the page.
  • It should be a single page with four to six simple bullet points – and phone numbers for the reporter to use for follow-up.
  • By the way, it is important to provide phone numbers good during non-business hours.

Everyone has a story. So does every business.

What is yours?

I am sure there will be a news media outlet that will be interested.

So why not get started now…

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Either way the choice is yours…

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